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Use our service gifts of passion for fashion, and organizing to help you live your best life.


Classy Gals was built to help women take some stress off their busy schedules, empowering them to live their best lives. Spending more time on the things you love and less on the stress that may keep you stuck. This business provides two different services both are very close to our hearts. The services can be provided separately or together making the whole VIP experience.

One side of the business is set up to be a personal stylist/ shopper for you. Empowering you to walk into any room and own it. Having many different packages that can build on your own closet and how to wear particular items in different ways. Looking for those missing items as we spend time getting to know what your style is and how we can make what you already have empower you each day. Setting up personal  styling sessions for each individual's need.

The other side of this fabulous business provides organizational skills. We know organizing is not the most favorite thing to do for most people but we love it!! Our favorite would be closet organizing as we have a passion for fashion and making the space you have work best for you. There are many other packages we provide in this category to help you thrive in your home or office space. Follow up maintenance appointments are a must as we want to continually grow together.

These two sides of the business work together by organizing your own personal space, purging what needs to go and shopping for the new items that will make you glow. These VIP packages are a plus for both of us as we get to do the things we enjoy and you will have the right space and the items needed to help you live your best life.

Classy Gals dreams come true when we see the light of our customers eyes when they see the work we have provided. The true gift of the company is to help you be the best you. We all have gifts, and talents, each of us have our own challenges and struggles as well. Let us help you with our gifts and talents so you can keep being the best you.

Our Work

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My Work
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Your Stylist

This powerful woman Chevonne, who is the CEO and founder of Classy Gals, is resilient, strong, smart, and determined. She is a joy to be around and work with. Truly listens, and genuinely cares about your needs. Being effective and trustworthy in all the work she accomplishes.
She enjoys making people look good and feel good through her passion for fashion that she developed in her retail career for the last 18 years. She has developed great listening skills for her clients needs to help them in their space they are in life right now. Her skills to take those clutter burdens off your back so you can live a clear and refreshing life are breathtaking. A hard working divorced single mother of 2 beautiful girls Nevaeh and Addison, they are her world. Started her styling and organizing business to be able to make a career around them and their activities instead of working a career that would make her put my kids second to what the corporate world needed.
She has organized many stressful and overwhelming situations for the outcome to bring new life, growth and a stress free environment helping her clients move forward and live their best lives. One of these situations that was very tragic in her life was a house fire her and her girls went through over a year ago. This tragedy turned their lives upside down. Her home that she had worked hard to make sure was her safe constant place for her kids to come home to could not be lived in and was uninhabitable. She persevered and overcame the obstacles that were thrown at her to get her and her kids back into the home they loved. Learning that even when life tear you down it can be your greatest obstacle bringing out your best gifts. She will have that same determination in working with you in the space in life you are in and whatever you are going through. You may struggle with where to shop in your budget, what styles are best for your body, or you cannot find anything that you need.
She has the skills to help you be the best you, working together through these life obstacles. She is deeply empathetic and compassionate and someone you can depend on. She is a Boss and looking forward to empowering you to live your best life.

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Organizing Packages

As there are many different avenues to organizing your space our specialties start in the closet
clutter. WE love how these packages go hand in hand with our styling packages and you can do
a VIP package and get both of the companies strongest skills in one package. We also have
packages for the rest of your home as well, even your home office space. We take on each
room as a new challenge to inspire you to keep moving forward free of the clutter, putting each
thing in a space where you can find it. Following up is key so we will set a 2 week follow up
each time we come as we know organizing is an ongoing process. We also partner with local
donation organizations to help our community.

Each of these packages consist of a consistent routine that we will perform
Clean Out- Taking everything out of the space
Sort what we are keeping and not keeping
Straighten with like items
Shine place and clean items that are going back in the space
Standardize , colors, sizes, sleeve length etc
Sustain- weekly, monthly or quarterly visits must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.
Cancellation fee will be applied for cancellations later that 48 hours

Styling packages

Each package will cater to each need of the client. Some may have more or less need than the
other but these are some packages that are offered to help you grow and lead in your life today.

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And many more! Lets talk about your needs in your styling needs
These Packages can be weekly, once a month, quarterly or twice a year. Lets schedule your
free consultations so we can get you started today

Cancellations will need to be done within 24 hours for no fee and a rescheduling time can be done that day. Any cancellations or rescheduling  done within 4 hours of appointment time will result in a $45.00 fee.  Any personal shopping returns will need to be done with in 5 business days of delivery without a fee, any done after the 5 days will be charged a $15 daily fee after the 5 day return window

A New You Awaits! Book Today!


Contact Us

Thanks for contacting us!

Classy Gals, LLC
4311 School House Commons, Suite 138
Harrisburg, NC 28075

Partnered with local donating companies
Habitat for Humanity

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