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Mommy makeovers

  • 1 hour
  • 55 US dollars
  • studios @ The Mill

Service Description

Here's an overview of what our Mommy Makeovers styling service includes: Personal Consultation: We begin with a personal consultation to understand your individual needs, lifestyle, and personal style preferences. Our stylists will listen attentively to your concerns, goals, and any specific challenges you may be facing as a mom. Body Confidence Assessment: Our stylists will conduct a body confidence assessment, focusing on the areas you feel most self-conscious about or want to highlight. We'll provide guidance on how to dress to flatter your body shape, embrace your curves, and enhance your natural beauty. Our goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Wardrobe Evaluation and Refresh: We'll assess your current wardrobe and identify items that can be incorporated into your new style. Our stylists will curate a selection of clothing and accessories that align with your lifestyle, whether you're looking for casual-chic outfits, professional attire, or trendy ensembles. We'll ensure that your new wardrobe reflects your personal style and suits your daily activities as a mom. Fit and Flattery: Our team will pay special attention to finding clothing that fits you well and accentuates your best features. We'll consider factors such as fabric quality, silhouettes, and tailoring to create a wardrobe that enhances your body shape and makes you feel amazing. Each piece will be selected with your comfort and style preferences in mind. Versatile Styling: We'll provide you with tips and tricks for versatile styling, helping you create various outfits from your new wardrobe. Our stylists will demonstrate how to mix and match pieces, layer effectively, and accessorize to elevate your overall look. The aim is to create a wardrobe that is practical, fashionable, and easy to style for different occasions. Beauty and Self-Care Recommendations: In addition to clothing, we can offer recommendations for beauty and self-care routines that enhance your overall look and well-being. This may include skincare tips, makeup suggestions, and hairstyling advice tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Our goal is to help you radiate confidence from within. Shopping Assistance: We can assist you in finding the recommended clothing and beauty products. Our team can provide guidance on trusted brands, online stores, and physical retailers that carry the desired items. We can accompany you on shopping trips or provide virtual shopping support to ensure y

Contact Details

  • 8750 East Franklin Street, Mount Pleasant, NC, USA

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