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New Career Change

  • 1 hour
  • 50 US dollars
  • studios @ The Mill

Service Description

Here's an overview of what our New Career Change styling service includes: Personal Consultation: We begin with a personal consultation to understand your career aspirations, the industry or role you're transitioning into, and your personal style preferences. Our stylists will listen attentively to your goals, challenges, and any specific image requirements for your new career. Professional Image Evaluation: Our stylists will conduct a professional image evaluation, taking into account the specific dress codes and expectations of your new career field. We'll provide guidance on appropriate attire, grooming, and overall presentation to help you establish a strong professional presence. Wardrobe Assessment and Update: We'll assess your current wardrobe and identify items that can be incorporated into your new professional image. Our stylists will curate a selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories that align with your career goals and the desired industry aesthetic. We'll ensure that your new wardrobe reflects your personal style while meeting the expectations of your new career path. Dressing for Success: We'll guide you on how to dress for success in your new field, considering factors such as industry norms, company culture, and personal branding. Our stylists will help you select outfits that convey professionalism, confidence, and credibility, whether you need business formal attire, business casual outfits, or a more creative and contemporary look. Fit and Tailoring: Our team will pay close attention to the fit of your clothing, ensuring that each piece flatters your body shape and creates a polished silhouette. We can recommend trusted tailors or alteration services to make any necessary adjustments, ensuring that your garments fit you impeccably. Accessorizing and Finishing Touches: We'll provide guidance on accessorizing your outfits to elevate your professional image. From statement accessories to appropriate shoes and bags, we'll help you create a cohesive and stylish ensemble that enhances your overall look. Personal Branding: We'll work with you to develop your personal brand through your wardrobe choices. Our stylists will assist you in choosing colors, patterns, and styles that align with your personal brand values and the image you want to project in your new career. We'll help you create a cohesive and memorable image that sets you apart from others in your field. Confidence Building: We understand that transitioning to a new care

Contact Details

  • 8750 East Franklin Street, Mount Pleasant, NC, USA

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